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Hunting Training | Duck Retrieving

Hunting training starts at $1,000/month.

Duck retrieving includes:

  • “Sit” command

  • “Here” command

  • “Place” command

  • “Side/heel” command

  • Kennel training

  • Leash training

  • E-Collar training

  • Gun break control

  • Manners on a stand and in a blind

  • “Fetch” and “Hold” commands

  • Every tool/command a great duck dog needs to complete it’s tasks, we prepare for it.

  • Dogs in this package learn how to retrieve ducks land and water from a stand and from a blind.

We do not harp on house training in this package, but we do shape the dog to have great hunting obedience on top of hunting skills.

Starting out the dog learns hunting obedience with hunting smells and interactions intertwined into the training to make the tasks at hand fun and appreciative. Progressing further, we perfect the mark retrieval of ducks the dog can see fall. Finally, at the end we teach blind retrieves with hand signals. This is where we enforce the need to listen to the handler for guidance while out in the field or water looking for the duck that the dog could not see fall.

We take a modern approach to our hunting dogs, meaning we keep our training dogs in low volume so we can focus on the individual dog which allows us to uphold our quick turnaround times. On average it takes 3-4 months for a started dog and 5-7 months for a finished dog. These average times are based on dogs with little to no training upon arrival. Dogs with high drive and exposure beforehand tend to move a lot quicker in training. Dogs that have no structure in their daily routine, no exposure to ducks/wings/feathers, no prey drive tend to take longer in training.

Call today for a phone consultation so we can tailor the dog to your liking after discussing in further details what you are looking for the end result to be. If you do not wish to have a phone consultation, we will reach out to you at the contact information entered at checkout after we receive your order.

NOTE: We can also add special commands or tricks you may want your dog to perform as a la carte, call and we can discuss what you have mind.

Ratio Trainer:Dog is 1:2 for this package

Please read our Disclaimer before purchasing.

Hunting Training | Duck Retrieving

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