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Private Training session for Dogs

Private Training


The private training session is $300 and last about an hour or until every step has been covered. This is a one-time session. Instead of the traditional way of breaking it into classes, we cover every step that’s tailored to your dog’s personality in one thorough session.

We do offer our private sessions in-home for an additional $85 within a 30 minute radius of our office. Anything outside 30 minutes call to get a quote.

A private session includes Curly, the owners, and the dog. We go over all the steps to training a complete obedient dog. Curly will demonstrate with the dog and also answer any additional questions. Learn how to communicate with your pup, teach them manners, skills, and commands.

This option is great for owners that have time to work with their four-legged companion.

Please read our Disclaimer before purchasing.

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