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Unfortunately not all dogs are able to form into what the owners might have in mind. In this case, we call to notify the owner of the situation. Before calling and notifying the owner, know that we have tried relentlessly to fulfill the desired outcome and it is just not going to happen. The dog will be returned to its owner and only be charged 25% of the package price for that month, this covers equipment/food/stay/time. This is very rare(<5%) but it is a possibility and this is the closest guarantee we can provide. All trainers have trained with Curly for a minimum of four months prior to them taking on their own dogs. Even after trainers have completed their four months, training sessions and training dogs are closely followed by Curly himself. The trainers and Curly collaborate multiple times during the training dogs stay. We also switch out trainers randomly throughout their course to make sure they are performing the commands to different tone of voices, this has proven to make the transition to home a lot smoother. 

Payment Cycle

A month = 4 weeks/28 days. Time starts the day the dog is dropped off. All training package fees are due upon drop off and held until the dog has completed the month.


We have ZERO tolerance policy for aggressive behavior towards any humans and the dog will be returned immediately at the owner’s expense and the owner is responsible for 25% of the package price for that month.

Dogs that are aggressive towards other dogs will still be able to attend but will be isolated in their own play area and living quarters. We will work on aggressive behavior towards other dogs, but most of the time that is the dog’s natural personality and just enjoys its personal space. 

These rules/policies are enforced to not only keep the staff safe but to keep other four-legged family members safe as well. The environment at Curly’s Top Dog is a fun and learning time and I (Curly) tend to keep it that way. 

In the Case of Injury

Freak accidents do occur and we want every owner aware that we do not cause injuries to dogs in any of our training, boarding, daycare, transportation, and/or grooming. Dogs in our care are treated just like our own four-legged-family members, they also stay and play where our own dogs do. But, especially with hunting dogs, injuries could occur from jumping, heart defects, illnesses, heat, stress, etc. We are not responsible for any illness, injury, or death that may occur. Curly holds a Bachelor’s in Science of Nursing and has a Veterinarian on call 24/7 for any questions or concerns so we can efficiently train and care for your dog all at the same time.

Vaccination Requirements

In order to keep all dogs here safe and healthy, all shots and vaccines are required to be up-to-date prior to arrival. Please provide a shot record from the veterinarian you use. 

Shots that have to be up-to-date: 

  • Canine Annuals

  • Bordetella (kennel cough)

  • Flea/Tick/Heartworm prevention

  • Rabies

*We accept flea collars as a preventative measure but hold no responsibility for it.* 

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