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Top Dog Training


Top Dog Package starts at $3,000/month.

This package Includes everything offered in the obedience package and hunting packages (deer or duck). These dogs develop into a loyal companion that you can take anywhere, with the option of learning hunting skills as well.

Dogs in this package live with Curly and learn how to be an all-around pet and hunter at the same time.

This is an all-inclusive package that covers your wishes. Any special (realistic) request, commands, or tricks are free to add to this package.


Call today for a phone consultation so we can tailor the dog to your liking after discussing in further details what you are looking for the end result to be. If you do not wish to have a phone consultation, we will reach out to you at the contact information entered at checkout after we receive your order.

Ratio Trainer:Dog is 1:1 for this package.

Please read our Disclaimer before purchasing.

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